Streetart – Sef @ Los Angeles, California, USA

Title: N.W.A
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Artist: Sef (Peru)
Year: 2023

N.W.A. – 1986 (Compton California).
– Recently finished wall in Los Angeles in honor of the N.W.A, the most representative group on the West Coast and pioneers in gangsta rap, in which I wanted to paint about their culture, their fight for the oppression of the African Americans, and the police abuse that They expressed through their music. My representation of them is as children and I paint them at an age where they did not yet know how great they would be as artists and the influence they would have on the history of music. I didn’t find a photo of dj Yella, but I gave him the main role as the creator of the work with crayons, who was also the most mischievous with his hands.

Sef in this blog | Instagram

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