Streetart – Paola Delfin @ New Delhi, India

Title: Instante/ क्षण
Location: New Delhi, India
Artist: Paola Delfin (Mexico)
At: Lodhi Art District
For: The Lodhi Festival
A project by: St+art India
In collaboration with: Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, G20 India
Year: 2023

Photo Credits: Pranav Gohil

Mexican artist Paola Delfin draws inspiration from the people and cultures she encounters during her travels. Informed by on-ground research, in Delhi, her mural reveals tender portraits of the people that inhabit the streets — flower sellers that have borne witness to an ever-changing landscape, children from the slums nearby that come out every evening to play with the residents, two sisters navigating an independent life with one another’s support, and the many animals that populate the colony, are spotlighted amongst others.
The multitude of stories present contrasting and diverse lives, all inhabiting a shared space. Through a collage-based approach, she alludes to the idea that everyone, despite circumstances, deserves a rightful space in the colony, and the city at large.
Observing the complex socio-economic dynamics, Delfin further reflects on the idea that while we may create separations and barriers among one another, ultimately what unites us is more important. The significance of a sense of community pervades the work, bringing together a more holistic picture of a bustling network of people — those that form the soul of the city.
Ultimately, at the Lodhi Art District, Paola’s work serves as a stunning example of art’s ability to inspire, unite, and bring us closer together as human beings.
Paola says, “This mural also reflects on the importance of the instants that shape our lives and give meaning to it — each day changes us, and every moment builds us; change and growth, past and present, a dream for a better future. I am telling the story of a place I got the opportunity to be a part of for an instant, but which is held in a timeless memory for each of us, one which brings us together and creates a bond beyond any barrier, any prejudice, and is shared equally with love.”

St+art India

Paola Delfin in this blog | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook fan page

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