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Barbara Picci

Scrivo e mi dissacro per sconfiggere l'apatia sentimentale, la noia e la paranoia... Più scrivo e più mi dissacro, più mi dissacro e più scrivo...

Artworks by Michael Craig-Martin

Artist: Michael Craig-Martin (Ireland) Exhibition view at: Gagosian Gallery, London, 2019 “Among the leading generation of British Conceptual artists, Craig-Martin probes the relationship between objects and images, perception and reality, harnessing the unique human capacity to conjure ideas through symbols and signs. Since his time at Yale University […]

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Ricapitolando [11/11/2022]

Ecco la lista degli articoli pubblicati nell’ultima settimana. GALLERIE SFIZIOSE Imbrogli visivi [18] OPERE “SCRATCH II” by Ursula von Rydingsvard “Inflatable Earth” by Jade Guanaro Kuriki-Olivo “Decommissioned Shoe” by Jeff Muhs “Precious jewels by the sea” by Amy Sherald “Proposal for a humble monument” by Alex Seton “Barry […]