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Scrivo e mi dissacro per sconfiggere l'apatia sentimentale, la noia e la paranoia... Più scrivo e più mi dissacro, più mi dissacro e più scrivo...

"Pond" by Guan Xiao

“Pond” by Guan Xiao

Artist: Guan Xiao (China) Title: Pond Year: 2019 “Guan Xiao (b. 1983, Chongqing, China) takes a playful approach to making sculptures, videos, and installations, identifying disparate relationships between unexpected materials to create a visual language that breaks historical and cultural boundaries alike. She often positions physical objects—such as […]

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Ricapitolando [13/01/2023]

Ecco la lista degli articoli pubblicati nell’ultima settimana. OPERE “Sikán” by Belkis Ayón “The Conversation” by Hans Op de Beeck “After Dreams – I Dare to Defy the Damage” by Zsófia Keresztes “Ohne Titel (Von Hinten)” by Not Vital “Pulled by the Roots” by Leandro Erlich “Under construction” […]