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Giorgio Bartocci @ Gallese, Italy. Photography by ©Sara Francola

Streetart – Giorgio Bartocci @ Gallese, Italy

“REVERSIBLE ABSTRACTION IIª” Gallese, Italy: new 900 square meters mural by Italian artist Giorgio Bartocci for the Urban Art Residence PUBBLICA, curated by Carlo Vignapiano and Elena Nicolini from KILL The Pig. Credits photos: Sara Francola. Press release: “Monumental creation performed by one of the most appealing exponents […]

Yash @Karlstad, Sweden

Streetart News [wall 964] – Yash, Giorgio Bartocci, Bibbito

Karlstad, Sweden: new piece by Swedish artist Linus Lundin aka Yash for Artscape. USEFUL LINKS: Yash in this blog | Website | Instagram | Facebook fan page —————————————————————————————————————— Iglesias, Italy: new piece by Italian artist Giorgio Bartocci for IglesiaStreet. USEFUL LINKS: Giorgio Bartocci in this blog | Tumblr […]

Solo @Diamante, Italy

Streetart News [wall 935] – Solo, Giorgio Bartocci, Joaquín Vila

Diamante, Italy: new piece by Italian artist Solo. USEFUL LINKS: Solo in this blog | Youtube | Instagram | Facebook fan page —————————————————————————————————————— “Mors Vitalis” Vienna, Austria: new piece by Italian artist Giorgio Bartocci for OXYMORON Galerie. CLICK FOR DETAILED INFO ABOUT THE MURAL USEFUL LINKS: Giorgio Bartocci […]

Alice Pasquini @Amburgo, Germania

Streetart News [wall 631] – Alice Pasquini, Fin DAC, David de la Mano, Daniele Gregorini, Giorgio Bartocci

Amburgo, Germania: nuovo pezzo della street artist italiana Alice Pasquini. LINK UTILI: Alice Pasquini su questo blog | Website | Flickr | Facebook fan page | Twitter —————————————————————————————————————— Seaforth, New South Wales, Australia: nuovo pezzo dello street artist Fin DAC. LINK UTILI: Fin DAC su questo blog | […]