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Arte e curiosità dal mondo – Le sculture dissolte di Tomohiro Inaba

Tomohiro Inaba

Tomohiro Inaba

Lo scultore giapponese Tomohiro Inaba possiede un’arte assai diffusa: quella del cucito. Solo che, al posto del classico filo, lui usa quello di ferro che, diciamocelo, è ben altro discorso…
Non finisce qui perché la sua originalità sta anche nei soggetti che hanno la particolarità di dissolversi in un groviglio di fili, come se perdessero la loro materialità per librarsi liricamente verso uno stato astratto, intangibile, ideale…
Very very Amazing!


Tomohiro Inaba – Wikipedia


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  1. One of the artworks that you have in this blog post is the creation of french artist Gil Bruvel, and not the artist that is featured here. With this new information, please update this blogpost and let your viewers know that this image placement was incorrect.

    I personally enjoy your writing, and will be revisiting your blog in the future. Please feel free to contact us through email,

    Thank you

    Zoë Foster
    Creative assistant to Gil Bruvel


    • Hi Zoe,
      I proceeded to delete the image of the work of the artist Gil Bruvel and I apologize for the error. I preferred to delete the image because it is not correct to leave it between the photos of this artist although with the writing of the error. However, this comment will remain with the link to Bruvel’s work.
      Don’t worry about automatic errors on your messages, it’s ok :)
      See you soon


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