Streetart News [wall 732] – Stephen Bliss, XAV, James REKA

Stephen Bliss @Miami, USA

Stephen Bliss @Miami, USA

Miami, Florida, USA: new piece by Stephen Bliss.

Stephen Bliss in this blog | Website | Tumblr | Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook fan page




New piece by spanish street artist XAV.

XAV in this blog | Instagram | XAV – Facebook fan page


James REKA @Jackonville, Florida

James REKA @Jackonville, Florida

Jackonville, Florida: new piece by austalian street artist James REKA.

James REKA su questo blog | Website | Wikipedia | Instagram | Facebook fan page


9 commenti

  1. In Riga (Latvia) theres a mural exactly like this eheh cheers PedroL

    1. Which one? Stephen Bliss one?

  2. Im not sure but if youd like this afternoon I send you the photo 🙂 PedroL

      1. maybe is not ‘exactly like this’, but is similar to the first one… I couldn´t find your email, let me know if you´d like me to send you the photo 🙂 PedroL

      2. My email is my first and second name (like my domain) 😉

      3. just sent you the photo 🙂 cheers PedroL

      4. Yes, received. Thanks 🙂

      5. Are you sure it’s by Bliss and not D*Face? They are very similar…


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