Streetart News [wall 953] – Axel Void & SatOne, Stamatis Laskos, Nychos

Axel Void & SatOne @Munich, Germany

Axel Void & SatOne @Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany: new piece collab by Axel Void and SatOne.

This mural is based on an image taken in 1945 of the atom bomb in Hiroshima, Japan. The concept of this wall takes a more objective or anthropological standpoint with the effort of understanding our nature through this manmade landscape. Harmony alludes to our misconception of what is natural or harmonious. We take our self out of the picture, or define our worst behavior as unnatural or disrupting harmony. But we partake in composing the term, inevitably we are a part of the ecosystem and therefor inherently natural and harmonious.
Formally, this mural is a juxtaposition of our interpretation from the same image, with the intention of creating a dialogue between them.

Axel Void in this blog | Website | Vimeo | Instagram | Facebook fan page
SatOne in this blog | Website | Istagram | Facebook fan page


Stamatis Laskos @Greece

Stamatis Laskos @Greece

Greece: new piece by Greek artist Stamatis Laskos.

Stamatis Laskos in this blog | Behance | Instagram | Facebook fan page


Nychos @Cancun, Mexico

Nychos @Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico: new piece by Nychos.

Nychos in this blog | Tumblr | Instagram | Facebook fan page


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