Streetart Flash – Roc Blackblock @ Covilhã, Portugal

Roc Blackblock @Covilhã, Portugal

Roc Blackblock @Covilhã, Portugal

Vida por Vida
Covilhã, Portugal: new piece by Spanish artist Roc Blackblock for WOOL | Covilhã Urban Art Festival.

WOOL ‘18 | ROC BLACKBLOCK (es) _ Vida por Vida
EN | June 17, 2017. Just a year ago, Portugal was living the first episode of the most tragic fires in memory. 64 people lost their lifes, 134 got injured and the scars with live on hundreds more.
For those who live in the interior of Portugal, for those who live specifically on a hillside at the Serra da Estrela, it is unfortunately a recurring theme, of past and present.
For these two reasons, this year, WOOL could not miss the opportunity to honor who gives Life for Life.
Here is our sincere and heartfelt tribute to all the firemen of Portugal, to our Volunteer Firefighters of Covilhã, materialized by the talent of the great Roc Blackblock.


Roc Blackblock in this blog | Website | Flickr | Instagram | Facebook fan page

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