Streetart Flash – Ivo Iliev Yeto @ Sofia, Bulgaria

Ivo Iliev Yeto @Sofia, Bulgaria

Ivo Iliev Yeto @Sofia, Bulgaria

Inner Flame
Sofia, Bulgaria: new mural by Ivo Iliev Yeto (from One For All Ideas crew) for kvARTal.

This mural is a tribute to the brave firefighter commands, who jump into the fires, risking their own life to save the people in need. You have be dedicated to the cause, to have that inner flame, that shows you to the right moves. You have to believe and keep the hope alive. Full respect to all those men and women- bravery is rare nowadays.
Ivo Iliev Yeto

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  1. Scrivo e mi dissacro per sconfiggere l’apatia sentimentale, la noia e la paranoia… Più scrivo e più mi dissacro, più mi dissacro e più scrivo..

    tutti i giorni o quasi guardo la rete e vedo cosa c’è raccolgo qualcosa lo porto da me e mi illudo di partecipare al movimento del mondo


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