Streetart News [wall 1353] – Kitt Bennett, Fikos, Jose Mertz

Kitt Bennett @Queenstown, Tasmania, Australia

Kitt Bennett @Queenstown, Tasmania, Australia

Queenstown, Tasmania, Australia: new piece by Kitt Bennett for Q Bank Gallery.

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Fikos @Almetyevsk, Tatarstan-Russia

Fikos @Almetyevsk, Tatarstan-Russia

Hero” (The Myth of The Golden Bird)
Almetyevsk, Tatarstan-Russia: new piece by Greek artist Fikos for Public Art Program in Almetyevsk.

It’s so interesting painting around the world and not just imposing your style everywhere but combine it with the local traditions. That’s not only challenging but didactic. Studying local myths is giving you the opportunity to see deeper then the surface cultural differences between countries and realize we are all the same. Humans. Beings with imagination, fears, a strong social instinct and creativity but also limits.
All the above create faith to something bigger than us. Faith to a Hero who will save us from evil, faith to abstract values like Justice and Rights, faith to Science, faith to God.
Deep inside, it’s the same need we all share.
“The Myth of The Golden Bird” is the Tatar edition of the story of the hero who kills the dragon in order to save the princess, a story that exists in numerous cultures, eras and religions around the world, painted for “The Tales if Golden Apples“.


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Jose Mertz @Havana, Cuba

Jose Mertz @Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba: new piece by Jose Mertz for Galeria Taller Gorria.

Credits photo: San Isidro | Distrito de Arte.

Jose Mertz in this blog | Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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