Streetart – Franco Fasoli @ Ragusa, Italy

Franco Fasoli @ Ragusa, Italy

Franco Fasoli @ Ragusa, Italy

Title: “San Giorgio y el terremoto
Location: Ragusa, Italy
Artist: Franco Fasoli aka JAZ (Argentina)
For: FestiWall
Address: Via Gen. Salvatore La Rosa, 5

The work of Fasoli aka Jaz develops instead at the exit of the city, in the urban context that precedes the industrial area. To create “San Giorgio y el terremoto” Jaz was inspired by the iconography of the warrior saint fighting against the dragon, studying the sculpted image on the Portal of Ragusa Ibla (the ancient part of the city) and reinterpreting it in a secular key. In the transposition from medieval art, painted on a modern building, St. Giorgio becomes a symbol of the eternal battle between order and chaos, reason and unconscious, freeing on the cement the opposing forces of human nature.
The mural, explains the Argentine artist, «is based on a peculiar situation of the City of Ragusa, which in 1693 was devastated by a big earthquake. When it was rebuilt some citizen decided to move up to the hill, others to rebuild the city in the same place. As well as the city was splitted, also the patron saint changed. This generated some rivalry between the old part of the city that venerates St. George (San Giorgio) and the new part of the city that worships Saint John (San Giovanni). So it was interesting to place a Saint George at the main entrance of the new Ragusa, with certain details that dialogue with this situation of the two contending parties. The general reaction of the people was disconcerting at first, but as the days went by, there were gestures of nostalgia and conciliation between old and new city history».

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