Streetart – Elian Chali @ Ragusa, Italy

Elian Chali @ Ragusa, Italy

Elian Chali @ Ragusa, Italy

Title: “Traiettorie e forme
Location: Ragusa, Italy
Artist: Elian Chali (Argentina)
For: FestiWall
Address: Skate Park via Napoleone Colaianni

“Traiettorie e forme” is the title chosen by Elian Chali for his work, painted on the surface of the Skate Park – FestiWall 2019 headquarters – in the abstract and minimal style that made him famous all over the world: a language characterized by the use of primary colors, the overlapping of essential lines and geometric elements, seeking a dialogue between the perspective of the observer and the surrounding environment.
About his new work, Elian explains, «I thought it was interesting to break up the geometries, deconstruct and reconstruct the marked and well-defined of a structure, as do the skaters themselves, who with their evolutions, with their intersections and cross, generate different lines respect to the place where they practice. The idea, therefore, is to reshape the space, to transform obstacles and ramps into sculpture using only colors, creating a situation of contrast between what exists and what is perceived, between the cement and the final work. Moreover, conflict is an essential element of art».

Elian Chali in this blog | Website | Vimeo | Instagram | Facebook fan page

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