Streetart – Ciredz @ Ragusa, Italy

Ciredz @ Ragusa, Italy

Ciredz @ Ragusa, Italy

Title: “Calcare tenero
Location: Ragusa, Italy
Artist: Ciredz (Italy)
For: FestiWall
Address: Industrial zone

To close the line up of FestiWall, a bet of this edition: the “hidden” dimension, the wall farthest from the city, to be found among the arterial roads of the Industrial Zone. It is “Calcare tenero”, the work that Ciredz created on the prospectus of a building material factory. Suspended between earth and concrete, landscape and industrial modules, the Sardinian artist has linked the colors of nature to the artificial volumes managed by man, in a geometric and abstract vision in which the work itself ends up incorporating the context that surrounds it, sedimented on the layers of matter, on the orography of space and time.
«My work on the prospectus of the factory – explains Ciredz – was strongly influenced by the landscape surrounding Ragusa. The first day in the city, Vincenzo Cascone, artistic director of FestiWall, accompanied me to the wall passing through a secondary road that runs along the industrial area, where the presence of quarries and steep walls, made up of lands of very light tones, captured my attention. The light color is due to the presence of limestone that fits perfectly with the sinuous shapes of hills, accentuated by the contrasting blue of the sky. The strong sun, which hits the ridge of the caves, creates shades of brown ranging from light to dark, directing the eye to a meditative approach. I received another great suggestion from a photograph hanging in the house where we were during the festival. It shows Ragusa within its cave system. It was very clear how the continuity of the plateau was interrupted by a void, a fracture that forms a valley, creating a turn of light and darkness with a strong graphic potential. For this reason, the intention of my work was to soften the imposing and rigid impact of the rectangular prefabricated, covering it with a variation of shapes and colors that refer to the orography of surrounding landscape and to a chromatic range that could express the its rich irregularity».

Ciredz in this blog | Blog | Instagram | Facebook fan page


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