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“Carcass of Beef” by Yan Pei Ming

"Carcass of Beef" by Yan Pei Ming

Artist: Yan Pei Ming
Title: Carcass of Beef
Year: 2022
Exhibition view in: Wild Game“, Yan Pei-Ming’s solo exhibition
At: MASSIMODECARLO Milan/Lombardia
Period: from 24.02.2022 to 02.04.2022

Known around the world for his monumental, often monochromatic canvasses, painted with vigorous, sweeping brushstrokes, Yan Pei-Ming’s work is characterized by his use of a two-toned monochrome colour palette in black and white or red and white, thereby directing stronger focus towards the subject and composition of his works. In all the series, Yan Pei-Ming’s fluid yet precise technique, use of repetition, and shallow pictorial space infuse his images with an eerie morbidity, thus reinforcing their connection to real, indescribable, events…
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