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“Fusion” by Allison Katz

"Fusion" by Allison Katz

Artist: Allison Katz
Title: Fusion
Year: 2018
Exhibition view: Muse with a Short Fuse
At: Antenna Space, Shanghai, China, 2019
Technical details: Acrylic on canvas 170 × 160 cm

[…] Muse with a Short Fuse expands on the durational element inherent to painting’s imagery and context by exploring one of its longest-standing myths, that of inspiration as wrought by a Muse. Since antiquity, the figure of the (always female) muse was said to gift divine ideas to the (always male) artists whom she favoured. The persistence of the Muse as an external presence has been consistent right up the abject but saintly Venal Muse by Baudelaire in 1857 to the sarcastic Amused Muse of René Daniëls in the 1980s…
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