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“Huacatay 1992” by Luca Francesconi

"Huacatay 1992" by Luca Francesconi

Artist: Luca Francesconi (Italy)
Title: Huacatay 1992
Exhibition view: Hormone Disruptors
At: Galleria Umberto Di Marino, Naples, 2021
Technical details: bronze, iron, cm 195 x 85 x 75

Galleria Umberto Di Marino is delighted to present Luca Francesconi’s fourth solo exhibition, Hormone Disruptors, on Saturday March 6 , 2021.
The new project is part of the artist’s research around traditional agriculture and, more recently, on food production closely connected to the concept of cultivation. Through a new cycle of sculptures, Luca Francesconi proceeds with an analysis on the theme of gender identity, focusing the attention on the exposure to phytosanitary treatments that humans have tested in recent years….

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