Streetart – Paola Delfin @ Martil, Morocco

Paola Delfin @ Martil, Morocco

Paola Delfin @ Martil, Morocco

Title: Esperanza
Location: Martil, Morocco
Artist: Paola Delfin (Mexico)

Paola Delfin in this blog | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook fan page

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  1. Hello Barbara. Thank you for sharing the wonderful streetarts in your blog. Do you know any streetart/grafitti artists who are cuttently staying in Martil, Morocco? Hope to hear from you. Thanks again.


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    • Hi Lucy, you’re welcome!

      I don’t know but here you can view all my publications in Morocco.

      I don’t know where artists really are and where are they from, but some (probably) Moroccan artists that you can contact are:
      Mehdi Annassi aka Machima
      Bakr Addaoui aka Bakr
      Mourad Rachendali
      Mehdi Zemouri
      Dynam Amriss

      Hope this can be useful for you.
      Bye bye


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