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Venice Art Biennale 2022 – Italian Pavilion by Gian Maria Tosatti

Artist: Gian Maria Tosatti
Title: History of Night and Destiny of Comets
Installation view at: Venice Art Biennale 2022
Pavilion: Italy
Curated by: Eugenio Viola
Photo Credits: Barbara Picci

History of Night and Destiny of Comets is an installation by Gian Maria Tosatti that combines literary references, visual art, theatre, and performance. It confronts the tricky balance between Humanity and Nature, between the dreams and mistakes of the past and the prospects future. The first part, History of Night, traces the rise and fall of the Italian industrial “miracle”, the vast warehouses between Ragusa and Cremona, the single paradoxically homogeneous panorama of a hypothetical journey into the Italian provinces that today reflects the frustration of a working-class that has come to an end…
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