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Venice Art Biennale 2022 – “Encyclopedia of Relations” by Alexandra Pirici

Artist: Alexandra Pirici (Romania)
Title: Encyclopedia of Relations
Year: 2022
Installation view at: Venice Art Biennale 2022
Video by: Barbara Picci

Alexandra Pirici is a Romanian artist and choreographer known for staging public actions, gestures, and sculptures that provoke re-assessments of historical narratives and civic space, nature, and digital imagery. Emphasising the role that collective presence can wield in addressing power structures – or at least making them known – Pirici, a trained dancer, frequently assembles groups of actors and performers into formations that she describes as live sculptures, which act, move, shift, and sing. Activated over long durations of time, these works, which span from minimal arrangements to complex live environments, are not conceived as singular events, but rather, as ongoing actions that unfold over times, with no linear narrative, no beginning nor end…
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Alexandra Pirici in this blog | Instagram


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