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Tate Modern – “Cage (1) – (6)” by Gerhard Richter

Artist: Gerhard Richter (Germany)
Title: Cage (1) – (6)
Year: 2006
Installation view at: Tate Modern, London
Photo Credits: Barbara Picci

Cage (1) – (6) 2006 is a group of six large, square abstract paintings by the German artist Gerhard Richter. Three of the canvases measure 2900 x 2900 mm, while the other three are slightly larger, at 3000 x 3000 mm each. The paintings all have a similar thickly painted surface that is rough and textured in appearance. They are composed of a progression of horizontal and vertical bands and a series of multi-directional scratches and indentations that are scraped into the painted surface. In specific areas of the paintings, the upper layers of paint have been removed and several sublayers of colour exposed. In each painting, the layers of colours and the composition of the bands and marks are different…
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