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Tate Modern – Artworks by Fernand Léger

Artist: Fernand Léger (France)
Title: Two Women Holding Flowers” (left, 1954), “The Acrobat and his Partner” (right, 1948)
Year: 2011
Installation view at: Tate Modern, London
Photo Credits: Barbara Picci

Two Women Holding Flowers is a large oil on canvas painting by French artist Fernand Léger, made in 1954. Two stylised nude female forms, on occupy most of the picture plane. One sits while the other reclines, their forms intermingling and contorting, fitting neatly along the length and breadth of the canvas. It is unclear where one body ends and the other begins…
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The Acrobat and his Partner 1948 is a rectangular, horizontally oriented oil painting by French artist Fernand Léger. The painting depicts a male acrobat whose body is twisted into an unnatural circular pose and who appears to be somersaulting through the air while holding a pale yellow flowering plant. In the left of the composition is a woman with long blonde hair wearing a short white pleated skirt and a purple sleeveless blouse…
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