Streetart – Ras Silas Motse @ Johannesburg, South Africa

Title: Tshepo
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Artist: Ras Silas Motse (South Africa)
At: Downtown Music Hub
Video: WATCH
For: Co Create My City

Photo Credits: Marjolein Klare

I’m so excited to share with you the latest project I just completed which was unveiled by the Legendary Zapiro at Downtown Music Hub.
This project started with the voice of youth and Zaheer, (SA)
Won the 1st place with his idea & sketch which later was developed to a professional cartoon by Osval (Cuba).
A story of hope that together we can change the course of events towards equality in education, of identity and of healing the planet. It’s all represented in the mural, close your eyes and think about your wishes for the future. Does the mural represent those elements for you too?
This project has been completely magical. The connect and hard work was out of this world.

Ras Silas Motse

Ras Silas Motse in this blog | Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook fan page

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