Streetart – Zed1 @ Carrara, Italy

Title: Impollinèmesi
Location: Carrara, Italy
Artist: Zed1 (Italy)
Year: 2022

Press release
Born in Tuscany, on the Scalinata Monterosso in Carrara, this is the first italian multimedia eco-mural.
Created by the street artist Zed1, the sound designer Alessio Mosti and the sculptor Silvia Scaringella: a meeting between technology, environment and urban art as a tribute to bees.
A meeting between technology, environment and urban art, sculpture and music for a new project to raise awareness in the name of sustainability. The project is born out from the Oltre a.p.s, with the collaboration and curatorship of the non-profit Yourban2030 association, in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara, under the patronage of the Municipality of Carrara, with the support of the Marmo Foundation and the scientific consultancy of the beekeeper Martina Bigi.
“Impollinèmesi (Pollinate-nemesis)” explains Zed1 “describes love seen through plants’ eyes. A Cupid makes flowers fall in love, hitting them with arrows, where bees land. Yet Cupid is not a deity and represents mankind – the younger generation – in whose hands lies the future of bees and who can still decide to stop the depopulation of this species, precious for the whole ecosystem, with a conscious action”.

ZED1 in this blog | Website | Instagram | Facebook fan page

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