Streetart – Jennifer Erny @ Peruibe, Brazil

Location: Peruibe, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Artist: Jennifer Erny
For: Espaço Salgado artist residency
Year: 2023

Immersion is to experience the presence of each passing moment wholly and deeply engaged in exactly that which surrounds us. Un-distracted and un-anxious, basking fully in the textures and the smells and in one’s own breath and own being. We are fluidity, wavering purposefully between the physical and the metaphysical, gnawing at the tactile and floating with the reverie, existing.
Like sand and water at the bed of the ocean, one guides our steps and grounds us while disappearing under our feet, and the other enfolds us and submerges us in aesthesis while consuming all that was once sturdy.

Jennifer Erny

Jennifer Erny in this blog | Website | Instagram

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