Streetart – Luogo Comune @ Manlleu, Spain

Location: Manlleu, Spain
Artist: Luogo Comune (Italy)
For: B-Murals Centre d’Art Urbà
With: Trànsit Projectes, Osona Turisme
Year: 2022

Photo Credits: Fer Alcalá, Monika Pufflerova

Manlleu chose to focus its mural interventions on the theme of the river Ter, both understood as a biological landscape and a historical and community space: for its role in Manlleu’s economic development, and for being a space for meetings, walks and emotional ties. The river, chosen as a theme for interpretation, is deeply connected to the individual and collective experiences of the people of Manlleu.
Luogo Comune’s wall is designed with an illustrative style that helps represent the great biodiversity of the river and its main elements in a similar way to a catalogue or an illustrated biology manual.
Throughout his personal research and direct contact with the river bank, the artist presents his inventory of the surrounding biodiversity through his own classification; on the left side of the wall, we find terrestrial species, while on the right side are the main water species. The characteristics of the wall itself are used to support this distribution and give strength to the design, while the main colours refer to the direct environment: the green of the grass, the blue of the sky, the yellow of the sun.
With this mural, Luogo Comune wants to raise awareness on climate change and invite the viewer to care for and preserve the local biodiversity. Indeed, the artist included the exact coordinates of the city of Manlleu and an infographic recalling the global challenges of climate change.

B-Murals Centre d’Art Urbà

Luogo Comune in this blog | Instagram | Facebook fan page

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