Streetart – Axel Void @ Havana, Cuba

Axel Void @Havana, Cuba

Axel Void @Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba: new mural by Axel Void for San Isidro | Distrito de Arte.

Credits photo: Angel Licea Peña.

This image is based on a still from a short film I am working on. The film is based on a family living in the neighborhood of San Isidro, in Habana, Cuba. The area is a poor but a very lively place, where kids play endlessly in the streets and all the house doors are open to let the air and conversation flow in.
I had the pleasure of bumping in to the family of Yanisley Kessel. Mother of four and owner of the house where she lives with her kids, husband, brother and grandmother. I had the pleasure of spending nine days filming and sharing time closely with them. Despite the conditions, one can quickly tell how united this family is and how rich in human interaction and affectionate they are. Somehow it felt like how a real family could feel.
The wall is painted directly in front of their house door, where they always sit to chat and where I met them. It portrays Yanisley holding her daughter Yazemin.
This is a tribute to every day life and a reflection on scarcity and a reevaluation on values.

Axel Void

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